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footer ssp 90x90Sowing the Seeds of Prayer (SSP) and Sowing the Seeds of Contemplation (SSC) arethe two retreats in daily life that we offer. The purpose of the SSP retreat is to introduce the basic dynamic of the spiritual life, and provide the training in prayer and the communal support that help to make this dynamic a deeper part of one’s daily life.

The SSP retreat comprises six weekly meetings and material for daily individual prayer. It can be done at any time of the year, and first time leaders are encouraged to form a group from among their friends or fellow parishioners. Considerable effort has gone into making it manageable for those with busy lives.

The retreat also provides an opportunity for lay people to take a leadership role. It is designed to allow mature and faithful parishioners with no experience in leading a group to take on the role of group leader. That role is one of facilitation rather than spiritual direction or counseling. New group leaders participate in a training workshop, receive additional materials, and are supported to the extent they wish by more experienced leaders.



SSP Updates - Tsuen Wan Parish

Reported by Rachel Ku

SSP will be held in early August. This time, we have altogether 30 participants in 6 groups ( the number of group members ranges from 3 to 7 ). Among them, about half of them haven't joined SSP or SSC before. In addition to the promotion of our core group, the pastor, Father Ng helped promote the retreat in his sermons. 
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