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About Us

Sowing Seeds is a network of lay Catholics who feel called to contribute their time and talent to the mission of the Church. To that end, we seek to support and encourage one another within a community that nurtures and values relationships, and fosters collaboration. We regard ourselves as “Friends in the Lord.”

Who are we? We are parents, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, uncles, aunts; friends, neighbors, parishioners; workers, employers,professionals… Our interests and expertise are varied and many: nature, arts and crafts, electronics, movies, travels, and spirituality…

We are keenly aware of the struggle to balance all the varied commitments in our busy lives. At the same time, we deeply desire to better relate to God and to the world. Our faith-experiences remind us, insistently, that God is in our deepest desire. Thus, bound by our common faith and desire to serve, we hope to establish a space that allows for new and creative ways to give witness to the Gospel.

Our Work

In this space of Christian life and service, we hope to cultivate a participatory and discerning culture. We look to expand the possibilities of what lay Catholics can do in close collaboration with the diocese and local pastors. We seek new and better ways to craft an environment in which all God's people, lay and priestly, can learn together and be deeply respectful of each one’s unique contribution.

The work of Sowing Seeds takes the form of individual projects designed to help lay the groundwork for communities capable of genuine discernment. With our retreats in daily life, we hope to deepen lay people’s personal experience of God and increase their awareness of the riches of the Church’s spiritual tradition. Our work with Mindfulness and Compassionate Communication aims to provide the kind of relational tools that promote greater congruency between our faith and our thought, speech and actions. In the future, we hope to introduce ways of engaging entire communities in listening and responding together to God’s call.

In the process of sharing these programs, we have often been left feeling that we have received the greatest grace. In trying to live the faith and principles we share, we have been gifted with the joy of community and a sense of common purpose.

Our Scope

Our friendship in the Lord extends to Chinese Catholic communities in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao and North America. Each place has its own way of contributing to the local church, and each individual chooses the level of participation that best balances his or her other commitments. We invite you to add your gifts to ours, that together we might be salt and light for the world.




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